Fortune favours fools, or: Why I believe in the good of people, once again

[inspic=426,left,,210]The are no lockers in Berlin Mainstation. Only the DB Gepäckcenter. Because of security, you know: Administration quarter, evil terrorists and bombing atmosphere in every second bag.

After sunday began with a cultivated breakfastbeer and continued quite equal, I recognized this institution, while  giving away my bag, as you can see on this quite failed picture.

The disadvantage of a DB Gepäckcenter over lockers is (expect for waiting queue) is, you have to pay for every single piece of luggage. And the laptop-bag in´st even as bis.


[inspic=427,right,,200]A last Erdinger goes everytime on Oranienburger Straße, just before last flights/train start.


In the taxi to Tegel. Fasted the seatbelt very hardly. Somethings wrong, annyway….oO „Who gots my laptop, guys? Ähhhmm!“ Red traffic lights, out. Swearing I start my may back. Without much hope. One hour ´s gone since and there is a new luke owner of my MacBook for sure.

Arriving there the waiter identifies me immediantly. He gives me my MacBook and introduced me to six youn ladys, you founded it and don´t keep it to oneself. Totaly perplay being such a lucky guy, I´m not able to speak one single clear word, so I just banged any Euro-note on their table. While going I herd them cheer. Although it were only twenty, how I realized later.

For the improbable cas, one of of these girls stops by here: A verry big

Thank you!

Such bad the world can´t be. Particular there such a weekend:

P.S. I know, my english not very well.

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